Think of a subject……

Having been given the subject of “Water: The Source Of Life”, the first task was to imagine a feasible subject matter for the content of a programme bearing this title.  As this would not usually be the responsibility of the designer, I decided not to give this too much thought and choose something very quickly, thus simulating a real-life scenrario of having to design for a specific and pre-determined project remit.

My initial idea was to base the project around Victorian Water and Sewage works, but found that it was difficult to tie these back to the programme title.

Keeping on the Victorian theme, my next thought was to create images in support of a programme that explored the idea canals being used once again for freight trade.  With increasing road congestion, and concerns over the resulting damage to our environment, there is a strong political argument for utilizing Britain’s waterways for the transportation of goods, something which has not happened since the 1960’s

I thought that this subject would give me a good opportunity to explore the use of canal sign-writing, which is extremely iconic and has a very strong visual impact.  I also wanted to explore the idea of creating some ‘what-if’ style visual images (i.e. what if modern day brands were to be seen on today’s canals, how would that look?)



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