Considerations: National Geographic TV Website

This project requires the following images to be produced:

2 x Header Graphics (960px x 250px)

2 x Background images (2000px x 1600px)

2 x On-page graphics (no size specified, eg adverts/site promos etc)

I carried out some initial research into the current appearance of National Geographic’s website, as it is important that the images that I create fit with National Geographic’s style, branding and constraints of the existing site design.

The National Geographic website has a section dedicated to its TV channel.  Each show has its own page, and there is a standard format for the page template that the design elements for each show need to adhere to.  This includes:

  • Background image: Full-width spread, no-repeat, fading to single colour (usually to black or white) at bottom, centre obscured by 990px content box. No NG logo:


  • Title banner: Always contains show title. Various styles used for this section, including plain solid background colour, transparent background to reveal main background image, bespoke graphics in background image and title banner to incorporate menu text into imagery. Often contains NG logo.



  • Spotlight graphic: Viewed when ‘Television’ menu is hovered. Rectangle. Quite small on browser. No NG logo.


  • Slider graphics – Advertising various aspects of show.  Bottom quarter is obscured by opacity strip with text.


  • Various ads for TV shows across NG website.  Includes NG logo.  Always landscape.


Throughout the site, there is a definite emphasis on striking graphics and and high-impact photojournalism.


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