Today, I visited the restored canal at Loxwood, Sussex with the hope of finding a wide range of narrowboats to photograph for this project.  Unfortunately, there were only 2 vessels currently operational on the canal so I only came away with one workable image (i.e. side view and full length):


My aim was to add ‘Eddie Stobart’ livery to this boat so that it would appear that Eddie Stobart are using the canals to transport freight (see the moodboard on haulage companies elsewhere in this blog for examples of Eddie Stobart branding).

I started by isolating the boat from the back ground, using the Pen tool.  I’ve been using this tool a great deal since being taught how to use it earlier this week, and am really excited by the accuracy and versatility of bezier curves.

I then removed part of the side paneling at the front of the boat:


I then took a screegrab of a large, high-res image from the internet showing the side of an Eddie Stobart cab.


Using the marquee tool, I selected the required area, removed the remainder of the image, then used the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools to remove details such as the door handle and door edges.  I was lucky in that the original design looks to be the result of these rudimentary use of these tools anyway, so I didn’t necessarily need to be too accurate!


After copying the layer over to the boat image, I used the Transform > Warp tool to stretch the above image to wrap around the side of the boat and drag to show under the ‘removed’ panel:


I then replaced the length of the side of the boat with a red panel, then used the Blending > Pin Light tool to reveal the texture of the original image beneath.  I also used the marquee tool to remove the area where the windows were (to be replaced by the Eddie Stobart signage:


To add the Eddie Stobart signage, I started with an image of an Eddie Stobart branded toy lorry, I cut out the required area and moved the layer over to the boat image, used Transform to rescale, then dragged behind the main image to show through the removed ‘window’ area:


I then performed the same action for the “Trans-Store-Logistics” signage, and copy and pasted a sample of blank canvas (without words) to form the necessary background.  I pasted the same area twice to fill the necessary area, then flipped horizontally to ensure the join was seamless:


The roof area was bleached using hue/saturation – the image is now looking quite authentic:


I may need to work on an accurate reflection in the water, but if I do ended using this image as a final piece, there is a high chance that I will drop into an entirely different background, so  will leave as it is for now.  Below is the final image as PNG with background removed:



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