Last week I explained to my tutor my frustration in not being able to find a suitable font in Photoshop for the word ‘TRADE’ in this panel, and he made me aware of the website, which I was thrilled to find has many many fonts of every style imaginable free to download and use.

I was looking for a font evocative of the tradional signwriting era – very bold, all uppercase, with heavy drop shadow and ‘fancy’ serifs. The font called ‘Outstanding’ looked to be exactly what I was looking for so I downloaded it and updated my image in photoshop.

Once I had changed the font of the word ‘Trade’ to ‘Outstanding’ I removed the dropshadow which I had originally added (as drop shadow forms part of the font ‘Outstanding’ as default), then used the magic wand tool to select each individual part of drop shadow, then used the brush tool set to ‘red’ on a new layer to give the drop shadow the necessary contrasting colour.

I then changed the angle of the drop shadow on the remaining layers of text as the fixed direction of the shadow on ‘Outstanding’ is in an opposing direction to these.


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