Header # 2 Development


Header # 2 Development

Here I develop my earlier sketched idea for for the programme title and catchline to displayed upon the wooden beam of a canal lock arm.

1) I started with a photograph I took of the Thames River in Lechlade, Glos. I felt this image had a composition that would suit the overlaid graphic of the lock arm – there is plenty of greenery, and the river intersecting the picture at a good angle – adhering to the golden ratio rule and drawing the eye into the picture.

2) Next I cropped an image of a piece of wood and adjusted the colours to white and black to simulate a canal lock arm. I tried using a photograph on an actual lock arm, but the composed image actually looked more realistic, bizarrely.

3) After adding some Gaussian Blur to the back ground, I overlaid the lock arm graphic.

4) I added the show logo that I created previously, added some out glow to ensure it is well defined against the similarly coloured background. I set an overlay to have the wood grain show through.

5) The size of the logo is adjusted as I felt that it shouldn’t overpower the tagline that is to follow it on the black section of wood.

6) The tagline is added, with varying fonts and sizes to add emphasis where required.

7) The ‘Back To The Canals’ tagline is rasterized and an overlay is added for the wood grain to show through.

8) The composition in full. However I felt the overall look was too busy.

9) I moved the logo to the top left of the image, reduced the scale of the wooden beam, and split the tagline across the white and black section. Part of me still wanted to add emphasis to the word trade, because it is an important element of the phrase, but was pleased with the subdued and consistent flow that keeping all of ‘is trade coming’ lowercase so decided to keep it this way.

I think the logo looks really good against the blurred nature background,


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