VICTORIAN PROJECT: Framework for basic content of homepage

I started a new project in Dreamweaver and set out the redesigned content for the homepage with only minimal styling applied on the CSS stylesheet.


Using Unordered lists for each element, I created a Header navigation bar, main content list and navigation footer.

The information is now organised in a more rational manner, with content and site info now more clearly defined and separated.

However, I do feel that the main header navigation titles are now quite ambiguous, with several of the titles potentially overlapping in what they would suggest having as content (i.e Home, About, Welcome) so I think I will need to have another look at the content and re-consider how it should be organised.

I am also considering having the main content subjects also show in the footer.  This will help improve SEO, but will also allow easy navigation from with the main content areas of the site.


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