I have decided to start designing the layout of page starting from a main content article page, and then work back to home page, incorporating the same structure consistently across all pages.

I am starting with an article page, because this is where I feel that clear navigation is most important and so most of the design considerations should be made here rather than the home page,

Sketch #1:


  • Logo situated in top left corner
  • Search box in top right corner (no longer included in content links)
  • Non-content related areas moved out of main content link area, and into a standard header navigation bar
  • Core content subjects showing in sidebar area, as Victorian themed app-style icons
  • Main content (article) displayed on sheet with ‘filing-style’ tab at top (showing subject category)
  • Footer – with extensive links to content, and sitemap


Sketch #2:


  • As above, but core content categories displayed as filing cabinet graphics rather than app-style graphics.

To determine which style of graphics will be the most effective for the side bar I will need to create and test some designs.

My initial thoughts were to have the sidebar graphics indicate when they contained links relating to the currently viewed content.  However, when designing the article sheet in the style of a ‘Filing-tab’, I realised that it would work really well to have tabs show behind the current one to indicate related content:





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