VICTORIANWEB PROJECT: Idea for filing cabinets as category headers

Whilst interrogating the current functionality of, I realised that a problem with the site was that the user was never really aware quite how much additional content there was deeper into the site.

Earlier this week I designed a prototype for a redesigned site (see earlier posts) that used icons of filing cabinets as category headers/links.  I would like to continue working with this theme, but try making the filing cabinet graphics less ‘realistic’ and more symbolic of filing cabinets.

Whilst sketching this idea, I came up with the idea of have a file protruding from the top of the cabinet that would indicate how many articles are contained within each category.


I would like this content number indicator to appear only when the category is hovered over.

This function could then also be applied on the actual article pages on the site to indicate the number of ‘Related articles’ within each category


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