I performed some research into the appearance and functionality of some websites that could be considered to be in the same category as (i.e. Historical, Archive, Heritage)


  1. Clean, clear design (I particularly like the cartridge paper textured background)
  2. Effective use of tiles for subject categories in History section (good and consistent use of images and white space on each tile)
  3. “In This Section” side panel gives easy access to other subjects to save going back main section content page
  4. Nice simple element separator (dashed line – evocative of perforated stamps)
  5. Not too keen on the fact that the header changes colour for each page –  I feel it’s a bit unnecessary compromises a sense of consistency though-out the site.
  6. The double row of links on the navigation bar is a little jumbled, and the serif font looks a little cheap/out of context,
  7. No image in header
  8. Header in and nav bar row extends to entire screen when viewed on widescreen monitor, which doesn’t look too great



  1. modern flat design – extensive use of illustrated images.  Bold tiles and ‘ribbon’ title banners
  2. Responsive design (sections collapse to one category width when viewed on smaller devices and call to action buttons repositioned.
  3. Superb hidden menu system.  Clear, central call to action button to reveal extensive menu.  Menu items Initially hidden away allowing for uncluttered default home page.  Great solution for responsive design (this way menu system is unchanged regardless of viewing device size).


Overall I like the clean, modern appearance of this site, but feel that it would have benefited from better use of white space.  There’s not a lot of space between the various elements, and I feel that this is needed to separate such bold elements.


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