VICTORIANWEB PROJECT: Research into existing Victorian themed websites

My previous redesign of the site contrasted content, which was purely of a Victorian nature, with a clean modern design that concentrated on up to date viewing functionality.

For the next version, I plan to implement a more contemporary design.  I want to create a design that will result in the viewer instantly recognising that the site is relating to the Victorian era.  However, I want to try to avoid the site looking too over the top with it’s theme.

There are a number of sites on the internet that are Victorian themed.  I felt that many of them were quite lazy.  For example, this one has simply used fonts that are evocative of Victorian signwriting, a subdued colour scheme, and a number of victorian related elements (photograph corner holders, classic pointing finger etc.  However, little effort seems to have gone into the composition or execution;


The following website looks incredibly authentic, but the newspaper layout style wouldn’t really work for the huge content of, but could definitely offer some inspiring direction in terms of layout and use of fonts:


Sadly, the following site no longer exists in the same design shown, but I really like ostentatious appearance.  The curtains and the horse made me consider looking into using images of Victorian (and older) stone carvings and adding a colour blend :


Finally, the site for Ilkley Brewery in Yorkshire has exactly the balance between Victorian and modern in its design that I would love to achieve for


This is a really beautiful site.  The landing page is visually very appealing, perfectly representing quintissential Victorian whimsy / eccentricity and entices the user further into the site.  It has a nicely designed logo that sits neatly in an attractive navigation bar.  The whole site is responsive, and it’s great fun just to spend a while resizing the browser window on the ‘Our Beers’ page to watch the brand icons adjusting positions.  The news page is very well balanced and looks authentic and modern at the same time, Also, the footer has some really nice design details that I will take inspiration from.




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