TUTORIAL 06/11/2013: Using Textures in web design

Significant learning points from today’s lesson:

  • Skeuomorphism – design element that replicate / suggest real world surfaces, objects, materials, tools etc.  Essential in web design to enable user to instantly recognise function and purpose of website and functionality (buttons, files etc).
  • Flat design – very effective in terms of visual / graphic design, but questionable effectiveness in web design where the user has to instantly recognise and understand how to interact with the page
  • Textures should be used to give visual feedback, though overuse can result in cheesy / dated feel
  •  Forms – always use textures and colours that create a calming effect as “users hate forms!”
  • Isomorphism Correspondence: If it looks like a button, the user will treat it as a button
  • Learn to create own brushes in photoshop to add grungy effects.
  • Use grungetextures.com and misprintedtype.com/goodies for downloadable brushes
  • Add to Resources page to keep attributes tidy and away from main content
  • Good practice: Start design project with branding (incl logo) then get navigation on as early as possible to ensure it is already considered when assigning images and other design elements to the page, then content  –  make sure content is considered ealy on in project – CONTENT IS KING!




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