WORKSHOP: Skateboard Sussex grunge-style website

Now I have to be honest, I accidentally veered off course from the brief on this project, which was supposed to be to create a grunge-style website.  

It was all the fault of this photograph of a skater that I decided to use:



I originally copied it into Photoshop with the intention of making the skater a silhouette for a grungy image.  However, it was such a beautifully crisp and balanced composition, before I knew it I was adding a thin, clean, narrow font and composing a generally minimalist-style page, 

And then I realised that the shape and position of the ramp would make a perfect ‘natural’ footer with just a slight use of the dodge tool to darken the sun rays,



I blended a wood panel background to give the overall image some texture.

Using the text warp tool I managed to create a very simple logo based on the initials for Skate Board Sussex. 


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