Next, I tried to create a vector graphic of a picket fence as I thought that this would be good practice for an image composed of repetitive shapes.:

First of all, I had to work out how to create the pointed tops for each post – and I couldn’t work out how to even create a triangle,  Some research on the internet provided me with the answer – use the star tool to create a 3 pointed star where Radius 1 is exactly half of Radius 2.

I was now able to use two triangles to create the necessary shape for a pointed post top:


Next I figured out how to duplicate each fence post and move an equal distance to the right of, and on the same level as, the original.  To do this I selected the first post, then held SHIFT+ALT, tapped arrow right once, released ALT and tapped right once again.  It was then just a case of rapidly tapping right arrow with shift held but alt being held on alternate taps:

I then added 2 horizontal bars and “Sent To Back”, increased the length of the first and last post, then created a quick backdrop of hills and sky:





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