ILLUSTRATOR: Creating Scaleable Vector Images

I decided that a good way to practice creating Vector images was to pick a real life object with interesting shapes and recreate in Illustrator.

The object I chose was a small toy digger.  Here’s the result:


It was a great exercise to work on.  There are number of varying shapes and I was a great deal more comfortable using the Shape Builder Tool by the time I completed the piece – at first it seemed totally counter intuitive but am not using it in a more natural and fluid manner.

While working on this piece, I realized that I need to think very differently in terms of layers when working in Illustrator as opposed to Photoshop.  With each individual component becoming a layer, I need to remember to be much more disciplined in future to create a layer group for logical groups (wheels, lower arm, upper arm, cabin etc).  

The egg has been Vectorized but I think it would fit the overall composition better if it was flattened further and the number of colours reduced – however, I failed to make notes during the tutorial so must remember to ask Phil to remind me how to do this next week.

Here is a photo of the toy digger that my piece was based on:



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