ILLUSTRATOR: Equal Distribution

I was pleased to have worked out shortcuts for rapidly duplicating and equally distributing objects, but was curious to know if there was another way of equally placing items.  It seems that I was fortunate in this case that the distance that I wanted the fence posts was exactly ‘two taps’ of the right arrow key.  

I guessed that there would be a way of specifying the distance that a right arrow tap would nudge an item, though all I could was a way of adjusting the keyboard alignment setting.  I didn’t want to fiddle with this value because this would then affect the small keyboard nudges which are really useful at their default value. 

In the end, I found an even better solution – the align and distribute tools.

With these, one can just rapidly create the required number of identical objects using the shift+alt+arrow method, then select all items and use the distribute tool to equally distribute the items.  To specify the spacing value, ‘Align To Key Object’ needed to be selected, the required value input, then Horizontal Distribute Center tapped.

The image below shows my practice screen –  the series of boxes on the top row are equally distributed and aligned to bottom.  The result is shown on the bottom line:





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