TUTORIAL 13/11/2013

This week’s tutorial introduced us to Scaleable Vector Graphics and Adobe Illustrator.

It is highly probable that the next major advancement  in hardware technology will be the move to high definition monitors, and we are already starting to see mobile devices with ‘Retina’ screens.  Therefore, I feel that it is important to start thinking in terms of Scaleable Vector Graphics that one day soon will probably be delivered directly to the browser in this format.

I can see that Illustrator must be a fantastic program to work with for creating artistic digital illustrations.  However, not being from an illustrative background I think artistically I’m going to struggle to create compelling professional looking graphics.  

That said, I am keen to learn the necessary tools and functions as this is clearly a fantastic program for creating logos.

Also, Phil showed us some really interesting techniques for flattening existing images to create really effective background graphics.

Below are a series of images created during the class using the workshop tutorials and Phil’s guidance.





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