Design Idea #3 – Idea development

I have decided the continue the ‘sliding document’ theme explored on my earlier “Skateboard Sussex” workshop and use it as a design concept for my redesign of the website.

Below are some initial idea sketches for composition:



I used excel to create some basic wireframes.




In the first one, the category titles would be revealed as if on paper through a punched out hole in the document wallet.  Users would select the required category by clicking on the corresponding tab.  Looking at the wireframe, it’s evident that the coloured tab should continue though to the ‘punched-out’ category area to make it more clear that the coloured tab relates to that category.

The logo would be in the style of the brand name frequently seen on card document holder (as in examples below).  In the wireframes, the main navigation is part of this logo, but I don’t think that it will be clear enough that these are buttons, and making them more ‘button-like’ would detract from the stamped branding idea.

The second wireframe using filing-style tabs as the main navigation buttons, and the category headers are at the bottom of the article viewing area.   The category title pages would slide from the bottom upwards, and the individual articles would slide in from the left.






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