Personal Design project –

The recent poster run for my Uncle was my first paid job, and so I am using this small cash transaction to start an invoice and cashbook system under my website name

I created a homepage for earlier this year, and had some business cards printed but had not until now created a logo that can be used for some consistent branding.

Previously I had plans to use a colour image of an egg on printed letterheads, using the image below that appears on my current business card:


However, having colour printed letterheads would be a significant expense that can’t really be justified at this stage of my design career.

Therefore, I set myself a design project this evening – to create a monotone logo that can be used as a consistent brand across all paperwork (invoices, letters, receipts etc).

I initially sketched a few ideas:


For 20 years now I have been a great admirer of the typeface used on the logo for the band “The Breeders” and I decided to have a go at recreating it with a plan to incorporate it into the onebigegg logo.  Here is the Breeders’ logo below – you can see that it is a transparent text with heavy stroke and tight tracking so the letters slightly merge into each other:


The below image shows my development of trying to recreate this typeface:


I now attempt to build this into a logo:


As much as like this customized type, I didn’t feel that it was particularly suitable when incorporating into the required egg logo.

From the earlier sketches, I felt enthusiastic about the contrasting writing as the name transects the egg (black words “One Big”, white word “egg” inside black coloured egg) and decided to play around with this idea in Photoshop.  I decided on the Cooper Std font, which has seventies/professional/media feel to it.  After a bit of playing around with the positioning, and experimenting with the spacing between (and capitalisation of) the words, I was finally pleased with the end result.  Below is an evolutionary trail of the design:


I feel that the final version (bottom of screenshot above) has good balance to it.

I was now ready to incorporate this logo into a stationary template that can be printed out in black and white, and these used for future printing of invoices, letters and receipts:


And finally….. Photoshop is a great tool for making your Mum believe that you’re far more successful than you actually are….



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