Project 3 – ideas creation

My first task was to think of the best name for the fictitious brand.  I had first though of calling it Red Star Pickles but then realised that this was too restrictive and wouldn’t look appetising on a jar of jam!

I came up with the following contenders:

Red Star Chutney
Red Star Pickles
Red Star Foods
Red Star Produce
Red Star Food Group
Red Star Preserves

I haven’t decided yet, but I think Red Star Preserves may work best in terms of successful brand / product association.  Even if the site contains breads and drinks, I feel that having these under a ‘Red Star Preserves’ banner would still work.

Next I created some simple wireframes (in excel) to generate some ideas for layout.  The first one is for a flat-ish, modern, minimalist effect (textured off-white background, simple, subtle logo, clear repetitive product png’s) – smaller image is for mobile version:

Index Page:


Content Page:


The second idea for the site is to have a full screen image.  The image would be one I had taken of the chutneys, but here I have used an image from the internet for illustrative purposes:





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