Building the html/css framework for the site “Red Star Foods”

  • Folder structure created in Windows explorer (Red Star > images-psd / website > images / css/ js
  • New site created in Dreamweaver.
  • Index (html) and style (css) pages created.
  • Default doctype replaced with HTML5 doctype
  • <title> added: with consideration to the fact that a) this title will display as the clickable link on search engine results page, and is very important with regards to to effective SEO.  Does not contain site title as it is unlikely that people will be searching for the site name.  If the brand become well known in future, and people starting searching for Red Star Foods, I probably still wouldn’t add the name to the title as a search under name would return my site first, given the name of the actual domain and h1 tags of the header etc. The main compromise with omitting the site name from the title is that the name will not now show in the tab at the top of the browser which is useful for users if they have multiple pages open.  It also means that the brand name not be displayed in the Search Engine Results Page. Also, it relies on the user overwriting the title with the page name if they choose to add the site as a favorite / bookmark.  There are some interesting comments on this issue in the article
  • <meta description> added: with consideration to the fact that a) this will display as the description on search engine results page, and is very important with regards to to effective SEO.
  • <meta keywords> added.  I had to research whether keywords are case-sensitive, and an article on stack overflow confirmed that they are not. I decided to prioritise “homemade chutneys” etc as I thought it was more likely that potential customers would be searching for homemade foods and then be drawn in by the political theme, rather than potential customers searching for political gifts.  However, there are so few politically themed gift sites online that hopefully the lower position of these keywords will still be effective. I added variations of “Red Start” foods because I found myself misspelling the brand in this way whilst typing out the code.
  • Link to stylesheet added

That’s the <head> now complete:




However, I am starting to reconsider my strategy for the <title> tag.  After having read up on the subject, I am beginning to wonder whether I  should add the site / brand name in the title.  Although this may not necessarily at to SEO effectiveness, I feel that the brand name and tagline (“Red Star Foods – Politically themes Chutneys and Jams”) is eye catching and intriguing, and therefore would benefit from being seen in the SERP – particularly in the early days of the site being live when the result may be further down the page.  I have therefore decide to change the title tag to: 

<title> Red Star Foods – Politically themed Chutneys and Jams for sale | Home Page</title>



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