Create Fabric effect in photoshop

Using a tutorial on Youtube (, I today learned how to create a textured background that resembles fabric.  The tutorial shows how to create a very realistic denim effect.  However, I tweaked some of the settings to create more of a hessian effect.

A summary of the steps are as follows:

  • Set contrasting foreground and background colours (for denim effect fg = light blue, bg = dark blue)
  • Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch > Halftone Pattern > SIze = 1 Contrast = 0
  • Filter > Filter Gallery > Artistic > Smudge Stick > Stroke = 2 Highlight = 12 Intensity = 10
  • Filter > Filter Gallery > Texture > Grain > Intensity 13 Contrast = 50

Here is my result:



I plan to use this on my latest ‘vector cartoon’ version of the RedStar website.  It will form the background of the logo, to create a realistic fabric ‘label’ style logo – evocative of brand labels used on denim jeans (Levis etc).  I think that the realistic texture effect will work well in contrast to the simple cartoon style of the rest of the site.


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