McTimoney Project – development

So far I have built the main structure for the home page, based on the wireframes detailed in my last post.  

Points to note:

  • The site is fully responsive.  The navigation bar collapses at two break-points; once to a 3 x 3 menu item list, then again to collapsable vertical menu – for this I used a jquery plugin (from
  • The picture shown below in the hero image is from a flickr user.  I used it temporarily to help me compose the site whilst waiting for the client to send through images of her own.  However, I did notice that the owner of the image states on his Flickr page that he is happy for his images to be used if a) accreditation is added to the site and b) a donation is made to a 3rd World Children’s charity.  The image works really well with the site so I did put the suggestion to the client that we keep the image, but unfortunately she said that she preferred for her own to be used.
  • From the answers to the ‘client questionnaire’ that I received back, the client stated that her qualified and insured status distinguished her from her competitors, I therefore decided to develop a professional/executive looking site that reflected this status.  I also decided that as well as having a page of testimonials, positive quotations from these testimonials would fade in and out on rotation on the home page so that viewers are instantly shown positive client feedback without choosing to visit the testimonial page.



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