McTimoney project – image manipulation

Today I received the images from the client to use on the McTimoney website, and unfortunately they are all pretty low quality and of low resolution.  However, the budget and location of client means that it will not be possible to arrange for better images to be taken.  I therefore need to make the best of what has been provided.

The client was keen to use the following shot as the hero image for the home page:


As you can see, the resolution is quite low, the colors are bland and the background uninspiring.

I used Photoshop to cut the figures out and remove from the existing background.  At first, I tried adding the cutouts to a blank, coloured background with an outerglow, but the effect wasn’t too great:


I decided to use a personal image of the local countryside to drop in as a background layer, and after adding some light layers/overlays/opacity over the figures, the resulting image is starting to look good, and will suit the look of the site that I have designed so far



I then loaded this into the site website, and moved the positioning of the titles over the hero image.  Here’s the resulting page:


I’m going to need to make the “in Lincolnshire…” sub heading more visible now that the background has changed.


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