McTimoney Project – nearing completion

I sent my client a link for her new site as it is at the moment.

I now just need to add Testimonial and Services pages when she sends this information to me.  I also need to tidy up some of the text.

For the front page, the client said that she felt she didn’t need to summarise “what is McTimoney” as this is covered on the “McTimoney” page and asked for it to be removed.  This is a shame because I was relying on that extra bit of tect to give balance to the picture of her massaging the horse’s foot (or whatever it is she’s doing!).

I got round this problem by moving the image further up text.  I’m thinking of moving the McTimoney logo to the footer:





I have also “Responsified” the image by removing the float and adding a “clear:both” to the image’s div when viewed on screens <500px:


The hero image is also fully responsive.  The containing div is set as a % size rather than fixed width, and the text moves position by means of media queries:

Desktop (>500px):


Mobile (<500px;)


The “McTimoney” page is also responsive, with the desktop version having images embedded in the text, which become stacked in mobile form.






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