STREETS IN TIME: Comments form

I spent some time trying to work out the way to display the comments and submit-comment form in terms of optimum User Experience.  Should I show the submit form first and then the comments below?  Should I prioritize seeing the comments available to read or the form encouraging users to submit their own memories / comments?

In the end, I decided to have a button titled “Submit Comment” at the top, with the comments below.  The button would link to an anchor on the submit-form at the bottom of the comments – this way I achieve the best of both options – comments immediately visible, as well a  call to action button for submitting a comment.



I have added a smooth scroll plugin for fluid transition from the anchor points.

When a comment is submitted, javascript grabs the name of the html file that the comment has been sent from and adds it to the email that is produced so that as Moderator I know which page to add the comments to:

<script>document.write("<input type = 'hidden' name = 'page_ref' value = '"+cat_no+"' />");</script>

Also, javascript code allows the header of the comments box to automatically display the name of the location (rather than retyping each time a new page is created:

<p><label for="msg"> Please post your memories of <script>document.write(image_loc);</script></label><br/>

I have added a ‘reply to comment’ button on each comment.  If a user selects this to leave a comment, Javascript code will record which comment has been replied to a pass this to the PHP file that generates the email.  This way, I will know which comment to add the reply to.

I’m going to scrap the ‘report as spam’ buttons as I won’t need these, given that I’ll manually uploading any comments anyway.



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