Showcase site – Initial Meeting 02/04/2014

Date:2nd April 2014

Location: Brighton City College

Present: Chris Webb, Nathaly Laurence, Simon Wilson


During this first meeting we discussed the project brief and reviewed some work by previous students.

Once we all felt that we understood the requirements of the project, we started to brain-storm ideas.  Nathaly contributed the idea of basing the overall concept of the site around an old fashioned ‘silent-movie’ style theme.

Brainstorm results around ‘silent-movies’ theme:

  • Classic ‘MGM’ iconography
  • Velvety, plush cinema colours, tones and textures
  • Subtitle Frames for speech
  • Scratchy film, vertical lines, speeded up movement
  • Piano soundtrack
  • Whirring projectors, projection light beam

Brainstorm results for movie themed names for fictional design company

  • Stuck In The Past
  • Old Timers
  • Silent Heroes
  • Black and White, But Colourful,
  • Colourful Black and White
  • Reel Design Agency
  • Reel Fine Design
  • Reel Web Design

In the end we decided on the name Reel Web Design, and discussed plans for building a site where 3 projectors would each project a short movie for each of us, which would end with a link to our individual showcase sites




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