Showcase site – Meeting 07/05/2014

Date: 30th April 2014

Location: Brighton City College

Present: Chris Webb, Nathaly Laurence, Simon Wilson


During this meeting, Nathaly updated the group with the results of her research into creating Cinemagraphs.  All agreed that she created some excellent results, particularly with the ‘stirring coffee’ image.   Nathaly then gave the rest of the team an excellent tutorial on the subject, which is summarised below:

  • Open I-Movie
  • Import Movie
  • Add begin & end markers by dragging out the required section of film in the Event area
  • Drag selected area to copy to the Project area
  • Share > Export movie
  • Choose most appropriate size
  • Open Photoshop
  • Open saved movie
  • Ensure Timeline window is open (window > timeline)
  • Select required portion (start and end)
  • Duplicate layer at frame to be ‘fixed’
  • Ensure Video layer is on top
  • Select bottom layer > Layer > Rasterize > Video
  • Select top layer (video) > Use polygon tool to select area to have movement
  • Add a mask
  • Ensure layers are not in a group (otherwise you may not be able to save as ‘looping’
  • Save for web > GIF > Looping = forever

We spent some time as a group taking sort films which Nathaly then used to create animated Cinemagraphs using the above method.

Below is one of the resulting Cinemagraphs – a tender moment!






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