Animating the projectors

The next stage in the project for me is to animate the projectors – this will be my first foray into creating an animated file!

First of all, I copied my SVG image from Illustrator to Photoshop:



I duplicated the layer, then with the duplicated layer selected I used the Quick Selection tool to select the whole of the left-hand reel, and then rotated it 5 degrees (Edit > Transform > Rotation) – to ensure accuracy input the value ‘5’ into the “Set Rotation” box:


I then duplicated this layer and performed the same action, progressively adding layers until the image had rotated a total of 40degrees.


Then I went back to the original layer and selected the right-hand reel and performed the same actions throughout the layers.  The only difference this time is that I had to add 5 to the value that I was rotating by (as the starting position for each layer was the original layer’s position) – to enable me to keep track of the required rotation I first renamed the layers to reflect the rotation angle value:


I created a duplicate of the original layer as I intend for the lights on the projector to switch from red to green as the machine starts running.  To do this, I selected the green light on the opening frame/layer and added ‘darkness’ to the green light.  I then did the same on the red light for the remaining layers:



So now I have all my individual frames required ready for applying animation to.

I set out the sequence & timing of frames as follows – as you can see, the green light comes on first, then the reels start turning:


I saved this as an animated gif and the resulting image is starting to look good – .  However, I am now a little stuck as I need to loop the sequence from the point that the reels start turning only (layer “+5” to “+40”) bit can’t work out how to achieve this, and research online has proved fruitless so far…..



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